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Get AI-ready: move models, not data

We help organizations integrate AI to solve the world’s most important problems without risking the world’s most sensitive data. Safely collaborate on siloed data across organizations, jurisdictions, and environments to unlock mission critical analytics and AI use cases.

Unlock quality data at scale

Collaborate within and across organizations, jurisdictions, and environments without moving data

Reduce collaboration effort

Efficiently collaborate without copying, centralizing, or transferring data directly

Protect privacy & trust

Avoid compliance hurdles through a trusted platform with baked-in security, safety, and privacy

Developer tools for federated learning and analytics

Machine learning and analytics on distributed data require complex infrastructure and tooling that drain valuable developer resources. Integrate.ai abstracts away the complexity, making it easier than ever to integrate federated learning and analytics into your product.
Learn more about our flexible architecture options and expansive data science tooling.